Project 365_Week 20 // Stockholm Family Photographer

Girl on bed laughing with cat in the background

134/365   The view from my side of the bed this morning.

Boy doing up his shoe laces

135/365   Tying your shoelaces on your own is serious business. At least for me, since I need to muster up the patience to wait until he is finished…

Little boy with two toy pistols

136/365   Early in the morning superhero action.

Boy holding out his hand to test for rain

137/365   Checking the weather. The pistol is just in case.

Scene of Malmö waterside

138/365   Summer feeling in Malmö.

Street photo with turning torso in malmö

140/365   The view from where I stayed for a long weekend in Malmö.

shadow of a person in industrial area

141/365   Is this still considered a self-portrait?