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I’m sure you remember this mum. Last year, I met her and her boys twice to photograph important stages in their life. The first time we met was for a family story when mum was pregnant with her third child. The second occasion we met was when little Didrik was just one month old, you can see this story here.

Mum with two children eating breakfastTwo kids chasing each other on toy cars

We spent a whole morning together to document an ordinary Saturday morning of the three. Breakfast, play and getting ready to go out. And of course, buying some Saturday sweets!

Just an ordinary morning, but filled with so many fun, loving and real moments that are so worth to be captured. It was a moving experience to follow them to the graveyard to visit the third brother, an angel baby. It’s wonderful that he is not forgotten, and also included in this family story. I’m especially glad for the boys who will have those pictures to look back on when they are older. No matter what happens, they will be able to see what an amazing mum they have, a mum who loves them to pieces and is really fun to be around with. She is a superstar mum for sure!

Happy Swedish Mother’s Day to this awesome mum and all you other awesome mums out there!

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Caroline Holt is a Stockholm newborn and family photographer specialising in documentary photography to tell the story of you.