Kind words


I love, love, love them all!!! You have converted me. I am now a true believer in these types of shoots and the gift they are for our whole family both now and for years and years to come. Knowing we came from a similar background, it's such a gift to look at these pictures and see, really see, whan an absolute blessing each of us have in one another. The love, caring, and time for one another is just so palpable! :) 



Being a photographer myself I find it really really difficult to trust someone with my family photographs. I'm just such a perfectionist control freak! And my mother usually refuses to have her picture taken, so we are not easy to please! But working with Caroline has been a breeze! She easily switched between chatting with us and blending into the background to take wonderful, candid shots, documenting our das. We are thrilled with the results and will treasure these memories of Stockholm trip forever!



Caroline came home to our family for a newborn photography shoot when our sween Linus was just five days old. Forever are the moments captured of his sisters gazing in awe of their new baby brother. Caroline has an innate ability to catch the gentle touches, glances, smiles, and love shared by a family. These beautiful memories of my third child (and last!) are both precious and priceless. Thank you, Caroline!