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Project 365_Week 15 // Stockholm Family Photographer

99/365   It feels like spring. 100/365   The beach looks very different this time of the year, but at least we had it all for ourselves. 101/365   Braving the elements. 102/365   Taking a photo of a photographer taking a photo. 103/365   Skipping competition. 104/365   She was fascinated by the fact that…

Project 365_Week 14 // Stockholm Family Photography

92/365   Bye Germany. 93/365   Monday morning… 94/365   No way out for you, buddy! 95/365   Random scene on our doorstep. 96/365   Not quite sure why I found him laying on the table when it was time to go. 97/365   Who is first out? 98/365   I feel you, parenting can…

Project 365_Week 13 // Stockholm Family Photographer

85/365   Stuck in clothes. 86/365   Eye drops – not as fun as it may look like. 87/365   The feeling when your sister is munching the last crumbs. 88/365   My two sweet travel buddies to Frankfurt. 89/365   St. Goar almost by night. 90/365   Way past my bedtime… 91/365   Day…

Project 365_Week 12 // Stockholm Family Photography

78/365   Sleepy chick. 79/365   Can you tell it’s not my favourite book…? 80/365   Both ready for bed. 81/365   Damn boots. 82/365   Who needs stairs when you have a handrail? 83/365   I promise, I really tried not to mess it up! 84/365   Fingerfood.