Good to Meet You

Hi there!

I'm Caroline and I'm really happy to see you here!

I'm probably a lot like many of you. I'm a working mum with a busy life and a love for tea. My kids keep me on my toes, and often I can be seen following them around with my camera in the attempt to document the precious details of their lives.

I'm German, my husband is British and we met on a tiny Greek island. I moved to Sweden to live with him after a year, and almost 10 years later, we have three crazy children, a wonderful old house, and two cats.

Apart from photography, I also love to bake, read or do yoga when I can find the time. And naps, I love naps!

Besides, like many of you, I often struggle with how fast time seems to fly by and how often my memory fails me. That's one of the reasons I'm in love with photography. It allows me to freeze many of those beautiful moments that I want to remember forever.

I offer family and newborn documentary sessions. I freeze for you a moment in your life in pictures. The kind of pictures that your kids will love and treasure later on as they will show how their family and their life was at the time. I promise, you'll love them too!

Are you about to have your first baby or are you maybe in the midst of toddler chaos? Are you a family with teens or just a happy couple? All of the different stages in your life are worth to be documented and preserved, since, honestly, who would want to rely on one's memory to remember all the fun, mess, craziness, love & tears later on? I don't.
If you think it's about time to preserve some of your memories, let's get together and chat about how we can go about it. I would love to get to know you and hear your story.

So call me, or drop me an email today. I speak English, Swedish and German.

I can't wait to hear from you.

Much love

Caroline ♡

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